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Fall Swedish Culture Meetings.

The Oct – Nov. meetings are often on a topic appropriate to the winter and Christmas Season. Examples are:

October 6, 2001. “In Search of the Enholm Family Roots in Skaraborg Län”, Robert E. Coffman, Iowa City Public Library (ICPL).

September 29, 2002. Video “The Competitive Edge”, No. 6 in the Scandinavia series narrated by Walter Cronkite. ICPL

October 12, 2003 (Sunday) . “Life in Sweden Today: A Dual Perspective”, Ulla Kopp, PhD. And Gerald DiBona, M.D. ICPL.

November 17, 2005 (Thursday). “The Story of 19th Century Immigration—Europe (Including Scandinavian Countries) to Iowa. Loren Horten, State Historical Society. ICPL.

September 9, 2006. Trip to Bishop Hill (a Saturday): Celebrate the 110th Anniversary of the Bishop Hill Colony. Arranged by Jeanne Nelson and Jan Erckson.

Nov 9, 2006 (Thursday): “ The Swenson Center and the publication ‘Swedish American Genealogist’ “, Jill Seaholm of Augustana College. At the ICPL.

Nov 7, 2007 (Wednesday): “Swedish Tomtes: History and Craft Demonstration” by Steven Hedlund., followed by a Slide Presentation of the Jul-Tomte as depicted in the art of Jenny Nystrom. Robert Coffman, HBMR, Coralville.

Thursday, Oct 23, 2008 (Wednesday): “Birding in Southern Sweden”, Jim and Sharon Scheib. HBMR, Coralville.

Nov 11, 2009 (Wednesday): “Swedish Christmas Traditions”, presented by Sue Almen-Whittaker. Followed by the short Swedish DVD: “Christopher’s Christmas Mission” (Narrated in English). HBMR.

Nov 3, 2010 (Wednesday). Swedish Christmas Traditions II: Accordion music by Ron Johnson. Followed by Swedish Jul as depicted in story and film by Astrid Lindgren in “Mer om os Barn I Bullerbyn” and Ingmar Bergman “Fanny and Alexander” (Bob Coffman).

Oct 30, 2011 (Sunday): The “Seashore Meeting”, combined with the Fall Social Meeting. Held at the home of Jan Alan, Iowa City. This house was the former home of Dr. Carl Seashore, Professor of Psychology at the U. of Iowa from1897 to 1937.

Sept 28, 2012 (Friday). “Penfield Books” meeting. This meeting was held at Penfield Books of Iowa City by invitation from the owner Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret. The occasion was to meet author Judit Martin and buy a signed copy of “Augusta’s Daughter”, her novel about womens’ life in Sweden in the 19th century. All this and wine and cheese too!